Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sushi with imagination

I need energy to blog and I need to supply energy to people in my family in the least time-consuming and hassle-free way and sushi is the kind of food that you can eat anytime and anywhere without fuss. Best of all, it is easy to make and you can sit down at the dining table in comfort instead of labouring over a hot stove.

I learned how to make sushi from a Korean classmate many years ago. She invited me and a few other ladies to her house for lunch and pleasantly surprised us with the announcement that we would have to make our own lunch. She had already cooked the rice and prepared the fillings for the sushi. We sat around the dining table watching her demonstrate how sushi is made and had a great time chatting and trying our hands at sushi-making. In such a lunch-time gathering we did ran out of things to talk about because it was so hands-on and there will be so many questions, mistakes, corrections and laughs. We even got to take some sushi rolls home for our respective families to enjoy.

Though I do not make restaurant-standard sushi, my family members have always shown their appreciation for my efforts. Over time, I learned that you just need to ask the individual what kind of filling they would like to have. You can put anything they fancy as long as it is not mushy or soggy. I have used crabsticks, meat floss, carrots and I imagine dried shrimps fried crisply with chilli would be delicious.

There is no restriction as to what makes a good sushi. I used to purchase expensive Japanese rice grains for my sushi in the past. Nowadays I just use good quality Thai rice that did just fine. For me I am particular about how the sushi is cut. It has to be neat and each piece of the same height when placed on the plate. The shape can be round or squarish depending on my mood at the point in time when I am rolling the sushi. About 3 cups of rice will give you 10 rolls of sushi. It took me an hour to complete the job that includes cutting the sushi and packing them into boxes.

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