Monday, April 14, 2008

Recipes from a friend

I visited an artist friend of mine yesterday and spent almost a whole day at her house. She took time to introduce me to the various herbs and plants in her garden giving me valuable tips on how to grow and care for them as well as some lilies and a few other types of plants to take home so that I could enrich my garden with them.

She walked me through her drawings, paintings and sculptures that gave me a glimpse into the artist in her and she prepared a simple lunch that was healthy and tasty and we had it at the dining area beside an airwell that had a small pond, potted plants, ferns growing on the moss-covered rocks and some of her pottery pieces around it.

In return for all the hospitality and the enjoyment of her art, I showed her a few features of blogger so that she would know how to upload her pictures onto her newly created blogs that include one on food. She shared with me so many recipes that I could try and I was really grateful as I am running out of ideas on how to feed my family efficiently and with imagination.

Hence, the category in this blog on 'Recipes from a friend' will be a record of what she had told me. I have to get these recipes down coherently so that I will not forget, because my long-term memory is not working well. I will upload photos of my experiments with these recipes in time to come.

Thanks to my friend, I will now look forward to cooking simple meals for my family.

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